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A beginner’s guide to SEO

A Beginner's guide to SEO

Hi, I’m Will. I’m a digital marketing executive at Accelerate Agency. I’m here to give you the fundamentals of SEO and to give you a basic understanding of what it is, why companies need it and how to do it.




So what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of building Google friendly websites in order to appear higher in search results when specific keywords are searched into Google. For example, if you are an insurance company and when someone types ‘insurance company’ on Google your website shows up on the second page, then you will want to use SEO to make sure that you show up on the first page instead.



Why Should You Care?

Now for those of you that can’t see why that’s important; think about it like this. When you type something onto Google, how often do you actually look on the second page of Google, or the third? Probably not very often at all yes? Furthermore, how often do you just click on the first result that comes up? I bet it’s very often.


Clicks, Clicks, Clicks.

Google search results don’t all get the same amount of clicks. The website in the number one position of a search gets nearly 40% of the clicks, while the second about 12%, the third about 10% and so on. Now you can see how valuable it can be to get your website to the number one spot for a chosen keyword. Imagine your company is number one spot for your brand niche keyword, you are getting 40% of the market clicking on your website whilst your biggest competitor who is in number two spot is only getting 12%.

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The Magic

So now we know what it is and why companies need it; let’s talk about how it happens. I’m not going to go into too much detail about what we do, because that’s our secret! But here are the basics. Google want to provide the best search engine experience because they are a company themselves and they want people to use their products. To provide the best search engine experience, Google want to provide its customers with search results filled with trustworthy and functioning websites that are relevant to the keywords they have searched for.



One way a website gains trust from Google is by backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. For example I can send you to the BBC using that hyperlink. Now I have just given the BBC a backlink which tells Google that I trust this website. The more trust the BBC gains via backlinks the more Google trust this website and therefore allows the BBC to come up higher in the search results.

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Now the BBC website obviously gets a lot of backlinks and therefore is a very trusted website. This means that the BBC has a lot of authority. A website having a lot of authority means that any backlinks it makes to other websites have more power and more trust given to that linked website. So if the BBC was to backlink your website, it is extremely powerful whereas if someone backlinks you from their blog that nobody reads, it holds very little power in comparison. Although it doesn’t mean that blog post backlinks are useless! Everybody has to start somewhere. It also helps if the website backlinking you is in your niche as well.

There are two ways that your website can be linked:

  • Nofollow: This is when no link power is passed on to your website from the linking website.
  • Dofollow: This is when the linking website decides they trust you and thus they pass their link power to you through that links.

SEO does not work through no-follow backlinks. For SEO you need to be gaining do-follow backlinks. With this being said, no-follow backlinks are great for driving traffic to your website due to people clicking on them. So they can be quite useful especially if linked in a popular piece of content.


In Summary

In summary, backlinks tell Google that this website is trusted. Google then trust this website more. The more that Google trust your website – the higher it will come up in the search results. The higher your website turns up in the search results – the more traffic you will receive. The more traffic you receive – more business! All businesses that are online NEED SEO to be successful.


At Accelerate Agency we provide excellent SEO and Google Analytics services. What’s more is that we have team of industry experts providing them. One of us literally wrote the book on Google Tag Manager. So don’t let yourself be swamped in the intricacies of SEO. Come to the experts for help before you go wrong.

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