Blackhat Analytics 3: Do be evil – Force awakens (@Superweek 2015)
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Blackhat Analytics – dark score test to printout



1. Light Score 1. Do you have a Privacy Policy? +1 2. Do you link to Privacy Policy on global footer(or header) +1 3. HTML links on Privacy Policy: • Do you mention you use cookies OR link to “How Google uses cookie data“ +0.25 • Do you mention the word “Do Not Track” or DNT on privacy policy +0.25 • Link to GA opt-out plugin OR GA opt-out page +0.25 • Link to DoubleClick remarketing opt-out OR Adchoices link +0.25 4. Has your Privacy Policy has been updated within the last 12months +1 5. If your using session recording (e.g. ClickTale) have you set sensitive fields to either type=password OR have relevant class: <input id=”CreditCardPin” class=”tracking- sensitive ClickTaleSensitive -metrika-nokeys“type=”text”> +1 6. Is AnonymiseIP enabled for German Visitors +1 7. Is GTM`s 2 stage authentication login setting enabled OR similar TMS setting +1 8. Do you have a GA custom email alert for URLs containing “@” or “@gmail” +1 9. GA exclude traffic from robot setting is enabled +1 10.You have actioned atleast one GA heathcheck alert +1 Ref: [n] / 10

2. Dark Score 1. 3rd party cookies are being deployed on your website -1 2. Have not enable frequency capping on Display network -1 3. UserID tracking is enabled, but not declared to users on privacy page. 4. GA`s data append via CSV upload (dimension widening) for userID as a customDimension using sensitive data (e.g. Financial grouping/status based on users postcode/address) -1 5. Using Device Signature (Android App only) -1 6. Email address stored in GA url report -1 7. Storing passwords in GA URL report -1 8. Respawn of users sessionID cookie, after the user tries to clear cookie -1 9. Using any of the techniques mentioned on evercookie -1 10.Using GA to track progress of trojan virus installations -100 [n] / -10

3. Darkness and the Light – scorings 10 Yoda 6-8 Luke 3-5 Leia 0-2 Chewbacca 0 Neutral Zone – 0-2 Darth Maul – 3-5 Count Dooku – 6-8 Darth Vader – 10 Darth Sideous Light score Dark Score Sum of both – – –

4. If you got a dark score join these… ? “MOA code of conduct” or “DAA code of ethics” will eventually introduce one

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