BookingLive is a pioneering online booking software company, which specialises in producing booking software for private and public users. Only a few blocks away from our office, we’ve been working with BookingLive to enhance their online presence. With Accelerate’s help, over twelve months, Bookinglive’s organic traffic grew by 170%, customer conversions increased by 50%, and all lead value


Case Study

BookingLive is a Bristol-based IT firm, which has spent a decade perfecting its online booking tool, which is highly adaptive to private and public settings. While the product is good it has proved difficult for customers to access the tool online. Accelerate’s mission is to enhance the website’s function, improving conversion rate optimization for a booking system company that works in a highly-competitive sector.

The Solution

Our work on the BookingLive website required a complete re-haul, working on several different areas of the website simultaneously. We worked on both the website’s front-end and back-end, in order to streamline the user experience.

As with every project, working with BookingLive required understanding not just how the business operated, but also how its competitors and the greater sector worked, and particularly where their Backlinks are sourced from to ensure ours come from the same location. We also researched, and determined the most prominent backlinks.

While we worked to bring BookingLive higher in search ratings, our team worked to utterly re-haul the look and content of its website. At its core, we installed a http/2 server which enhanced the website’s functioning, and we readapted the webpage’s content to completely change content. In total, 600 pages have been refurbished by the team, including search and paid advertising pages.

Another significant part of work involved enhancing the analytics and tracking of customers to the website, helping to better determine and strengthen the routes that customers took in accessing the website, and ensuring that more customers were converted. Accelerate’s work in enhancing the website’s ranking search results, and its conversion rate optimization, were naturally undertaken through a long-term process with the goal of a sustainable, long-term result.

Lastly, in addition to expanding the website’s text content and layout, we also collaborated with the application’s marketing team to expand its digital PR and blogging outreach. Through new blogs, BookingLive is able to direct more users through its pages, towards free software demos. We knew the application was popular and effective, and so it was our job to get users to click through to and access these free products.


Accelerate Agency is a data-based company, so this is of course an ideal way of showing our impact!

September 2017 was a great month for BookingLive! At the end of Accelerate’s twelve-month period of work in enhancing the BookingLive website, its stats had significantly enhanced. The website’s organic traffic had increased by 180%, the result of our SEO work that brought BookingLive into the top half of searches for five major keywords. Combined with a significant website makeover, this work meant conversion rates increased 370%, and requests for Free Demos shot up 450%.

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