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National Geographic - Google Analytics Case Study


We were tasked with migrating an in-house Tag Manager to Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on the huge National Geographic website. We only had 3 months to complete this task!

Additionally the project was international and required the use of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics within a global context.

The result was the project’s successful implementation in record time!

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  • Vinnie Morgan
    We hired Accelerate Agency in 2016 to improve our SEO. Through link building, technical SEO and onsite SEO, they helped us achieve a 140% increase in traffic and improved quality of inbound leads . Thoroughly recommended.
    Vinnie Morgan
  • Minyu Bian
    I met Accelerate via the web analytics association. As a friend and mentor,They have helped me greatly with web analytics research
    Minyu Bian
    Analytics Manager at Telefonica
  • Ash Ali
    Accelerate are some  of the smartest and most talented web analysts I have worked with in the industry. They have their finger on the pulse for the latest developments and is quick to highlight how they can impact your web site.  
    Ash Ali
  •  Ben Boughton-White
    We really appreciate the work you are doing for us and the impact you have made is noticeable
    Ben Boughton-White
    Dorwest Herbs Ltd
  • Nail Dickson | SEO Manager
    I hired Accelerate in December 2014 to audit Marie Curie's Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager implementations. They did everything in the brief and more' in an incredibly quick time with very short notice. They also provided pro bono support after project closure. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for GTM & GA implementations.
    Nail Dickson | SEO Manager
    Marie Curie's
  • Marcela Leon
    I wanted to thank you for all the work you did in setting ACRP up with GTM and Ecommerce tracking. Tracking has been amazing and I love seeing the data come through clean!
    Marcela Leon
    Association Of Clinical Research Professionals
  • Deeplaxmi Adke
    Accelerate are Google Tag Manager guru's. we worked with them on a complex implementation project for over 10 months and continued to be impressed by their  skills. They provide creative solutions and are not shy about making recommendations or improvements that They believes will add value. Their expertise in Analytics and Google Tag Manager definitely make them a great resource to work with.
    Deeplaxmi Adke
    Director, Digital Analytics at National Geographic Society
  • Jamie Middleton
    Accelerate have gone out of their way to share their knowledge of how to improve our Google presence with impressive demonstrable results in a very quick time
    Jamie Middleton

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National Geographic Google Analytics Case Study 

Needs No Introduction

Our job was to improve how the global National Geographic website functioned. The project had to be undertaken over a short time period, with few resources. Additionally the project was international and required the use of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics within a global context. The result was the project’s successful implementation in record time!

The National Geographic Society is an educational organisation focusing on anthropology, history, culture and the sciences. As an organization with considerable, famed print and media presence, its website required considerable support to ensure that its functionality and the quality of its content matched the company’s other media outputs.

The Task

The National Geographic website required a significant amount of work. The work required moving the website’s Analytics Tags from an older, heavily-patched inhouse system, to a newer, better functioning Google Tag Manager system. There were also six individual CMS systems that had to be compiled into one! The process had been put off due to its complexity. When this upgrade project started, the work had to be completed within a three-month timeframe and the website had to continue to functionality during the upgrade.

The Solution

The first stage of this project was to determine the Key Performance Indicators. These included building the website’s functionality and operation security, consolidating its Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords accounts, with the outcome being a website that could function despite the pressure of its role.

The first, largest task was to review overlaps and functionality difficulties present in the existing Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts. This included reducing the presence of duplications, resulting from insufficient naming conventions, and reducing the required numbers of triggers and tags by at least a third. This was a task requiring brute force, and was followed up with trainings with staff, with the intention of eliminating future human errors that could cause difficulties on the website.

Another major task was unifying how the website operated. This required moving content from six CMS (content management systems) onto one, while the pages continued to function. This process was undertaken by placing limitations to page edits, which eliminated the numbers of page versions existing, while steps ensured that no incorrect pages were uploaded.

During the process, standard trial procedures including A/B testing and other methodologies were used to gauge and enhance the website’s CRO. Failsafes were installed to address any potential website malfunctions while the changes were being made, but thankfully these didn’t need to be used.

Ultimately, we met our client’s expectation, establishing a streamlined website within a three-month time period. Following this process, the staff were trained to use consolidated system, thus helping to eliminate problems related to human error. Both we and our clients were genuinely impressed by the speed with which we succeeded in upgrading the website into a fuller-operating format.


The National Geographic project involved a significant amount of work undertaken over a short, three-month period of time, from a complicated old system to a simplified new system. The work involved an adjustment from inhouse tag management system, and adjusted to the Google Tag Manager. The enhanced system means that there are better remarketing, better reporting, and better revenue tracking. The greater amounts of data, results in better quality of advertising. Case Study is Germany’s main popular online betting website, particularly in sports betting. The Germany-based is one part of a global operation that covers central Europe, Gibraltar, and Colombia. We worked with the website to establish baseline which could be used to more accurately determine the website’s success in attracting customers. Through this project we significantly streamlined the website’s maintenance. is the German national betting website, and is Europe’s most prominent betting websites. The business has been based in Malta, with prominent branches in Germany, Croatia, Gibraltar and Colombia. With a significant amount of operation, the page wanted to improve its conversion rate monitoring, and increase its search engine listings.

The Task

The task here was to ensure that the website was more successful in conducting its business, and to ensure that it had good value for money. The company was operating multiple Google Analytics and Google Adwords accounts. This combined situation meant it was impossible to accurately determine a baseline for the number of website visitors who were registering with the system. They were also not able to determine where visitors had come from, and the degree of business success.

The Solution

After KPIs and objectives have been agreed on, we began working through a three-week process which ran from November 2016 to January 2017. The vast majority of this work involved clean-up work initiatives, consolidating how the website functioned. The ultimate goal here was to substantially increase the number of people registered with and using the website.

The first stage of the website’s evaluating involved evaluating the use of their Google Analytics account, which was previously a Google Analytics premium account, and the account was adapted to meet their business needs.

Our work involved centralising and consolidating 40 different Google Tag Manager accounts, which we successfully consolidated into one place. After we concluded this work, two days of training were conducted in order to present the beset approaches to using Tag Manager.

One concern was a need to maintain where the website traffic originated from. Previously it was determined that 50% of marketing channels are direct, but this is an unrealistic result which indicates that statistics collection is inaccurate. Therefore, we enhanced the site’s Google Analytics, which indicated in clearer terms how the website’s users utilized its content.

The Accelerate team also conducted trainings to ensure staff could monitor and alter the Google Analytics and Adwords functions according to needs. Support was also provided in using tools such as the Datastudio dashboards, used to visualize data, in order to demonstrate website effectiveness to management.


The work undertaken on the website was completed within three months, in the required time period, completed to the required budget and timelines. By assisting the website to better determine the origins of customers, an estimated 75,000 USD was saved by the company. Additionally, as a result of our work had a baseline of customer access and therefore had a standing that it could improve.


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