This step is not needed; if a Magento or WordPress plugin are used, which generate a reliable dataLayer on the confirmation and cart pages.

There are 5 possible ways to triggering a thankyou page:

  1. {{dataLayer.google_tag_params.ecomm_pagetype}} = purchase
  2. {{}} not like ^(undefined)?$
  3. {{dataLayer.event}}=transaction
  4. {{js_document.title}}=Thankyou for Ordering
  5. {{url path}}=/thankyou.html

IMPORTANT: Option4{{url path}} is case sensitive in rules & lookup tables. Thus applying lowercase patch and remove trailing “/” via a jsmacro is recommended to increase triggering accuracy. Also {{url path}} triggers will break if the page is renamed to /new-thankyou-2.html

DataLayer based{{pagetype}} & {{Event}} methods will continue to work if the URL is changed . They do not require maintenance and are a better long term solution.


<!– Examples of a dataLayer for confirmation pages –>


// Adwords remarketing dataLayer

dataLayer = [{“google_tag_params”: {“ecomm_pagetype”: “purchase“} }];

// GTM dataLayer

dataLayer = [{“page.category.pageType”: “confirmation“,”event”: “transaction“}];

// W3C digitalData layer v1.0 = {“category”: {“pageType”: “confirmation“}};

// Qubit universal_variable dataLayer v1.2.1 = {“type”: “confirmation“};



IMPORTANT: When deploying GTM on multiple CMS, when the dataLayer is added in stages a hybrid approach is necessary, to ensure that sale confirmation rule always triggers. This uses a cascading URL lookup table, here is an example:





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