To successfully implement GTM you need to cover 9 planning steps.


Macro level – migration planning

  1. Getting IT buy-in & determining client development resources
  2. Review existing GA installation
  3. Tactical planning
  4. Technical planning
  5. Conversion trigger planning
  6. Naming conventions plan
  7. Quality assurance process
  8. Reducing human errors (IT dept on-boarding & training process)
  9. Security planning on Google Account

These 9 steps are covered in the next sections. Additionally, the outcome of each phase such as technical planning, could have micro phases. For example using “parallel” deployment micro phases:


Micro level – deployment planning using a parallel tag

  1. Create empty GTM container and add the code to global header of ALL pages.
  2. Deploy parallel deployment of Universal via GTM, with GA classic running via hardcode.
  3. Find & replace GA classic code with event called onload_ga_pageview.
  4. Add ecommerce dataLayer to checkout thankyou page
  5. Replace inline code gaq.push with equivalent dataLayer.push code and add GTM event tags within GTM settings, so there is a seamless migration.
  6. Add better dataLayer for product pages and user-interactions.


installation plan

Tip: A Google quick start implementation plan is shown here.

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