Is this a new installation and thus GA universal? If yes… Jump to B). If no…

A) it is an existing GA installation with historic GA classic data, then:

  1. Has the account been auto-migrated to Universal processing already? You in settings you will see “upgrade complete” or “start upgrade”.
    Only GA premium acconts have not be auto-migrated.
  2. Is the client currently reliant on GA data? (or is an existing system such as Omniture
    et-al being used primarily for business reporting)
  3. Does the client need to integrate with widgets such as Google+, AddThis, ShareThis, Disqus, Optimizely, LiveChat or PhoneCall tracking providers which currently only support legacy GA.js
  4. Is native GooglePlus button tracking needed (not native in GA universal yet).
  5. Is js being migrated or just ga.js? The Urchin sessionisation counts are different to GA universal calculation; hence parallel installation will be needed.
  6. Is a local copy of utm.gif enabled for ABC publisher auditing using _setLocalRemoteServerMode and _setLocalGifPath? (easier in GA Classic, but possible via a custom script for Universal).
  7. Is resetting of customVariables as they are translated to over to a new customDimensions field a problem? (Both are stored, but historic comparisons are trickier due to moving to the new customDimensions field).
  8. Is custom code for reading GA client-side cookie values utmz or getVisitorCustomVar (1); on form submission being used?
  9. Is retaining returning visitor cookies a problem? (analytics.js will piggyback returning GA classic utmx cookies on the first hit, unless legacyHistoryImport is disabled)
  10. Is integration with offline CRM required? (universal only)
  11. Does the client have a requirement to track multi-device journeys from registered users who are logged-in from Website to logged-in within App, and is a userId exposed on the login page? (universal only)
  12. Is GTM for app part of the migration?
  13. Is cross-domain or iframe tracking required? (easier in Universal)

B) Are multiple currencies tracking within localCountryTracker needed for Adwords ROAS reports? And is client planning to use rolled-up trackers or localCountryTracker?

C) Are any legacy analytics.js or ga.js script present? If yes, a clientnameTracker rather than pageTracker is necessary.

D) Is the client within ecommerce vertical?

E) Who is going to take-over the installation once the migration is complete?


GA Outcomes

  1. Both GA.js AND Universal analytics.js in parallel (most likely outcome)
  2. Universal Analytics.js only straight

Remarketing Outcomes

  1. Native GA remarketing in Universal (most likely outcome)
  2. Adwords remarketing (Only needed for RLSA: AdWords Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)
  3. More tips on GA to Universal migration checklist by Jordan Louis and a Google checklist are here.jordan louis




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