If the URL does not change then this interaction is not recorded in GA, unless the following code is added. An example of this would be:


Thus ClientDomain’s developers will need to add the following code:

<a href=”#” onclick=”dataLayer.push({

‘event’: ‘onclick_<xxxx>‘, // change <xxxx> to onclick_modal
‘eventCategory’: ‘onclick_<xxxx>‘, //same as dataLayer.push.event

‘eventAction’: ‘click’,

‘eventLabel’: ‘tick_confirm_box’,

‘eventValue’: parseInt(0.00),

‘eventNonInteractive’: false, // Is this an onload action? Y|N

‘pageVirtual’: ‘/virtual/modal/modal_title/link1’,

‘pageTitle’: ‘modal_title’

}); return false;”>Modal Link</a>


Note: the page that an event was triggered on, is stored by default within GA here.

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