Release Date Notes
26-Feb-2015 ·         When creating new tags, triggers, or variables, the name field is now at the top of the form. You will be prompted to rename the tag in the final step if the default name is not modified. Various bug fixes.
18-Feb-2015 ·         [New Feature] Added ability to use CSS selectors as operators when setting up triggers.
12-Feb-2015 ·         Mobile containers now supported in V2.

·         Floodlight integration and approvals now supported in V2.

·         Ability to see and restore deleted container versions.

·         Consolidated several fields into Fields to Set, and added drop down to allow users to select the field name.

·         Bug fix for version notes.

05-Feb-2015 ·         [New Feature] Tables can now be sorted in V2.

·         Improved error messages in V2.

28-Jan-2015 ·         Minor bug fixes and UX improvements.
22-Jan-2015 ·         [New Feature] Localization added to V2. Ability to select a language preference in V2 (Gear menu ? Settings).

·         Various additional bug fixes.

14-Jan-2015 ·         Changes to accounts screen in V2.

·         Bug fix for pages served with XML media types.

·         Various additional bug fixes.

08-Jan-2015 ·         Share Preview support added to V2.·         Various bug fixes.
10-Dec-2014 ·         Container Import/Export: Export format has been modified to match the JSON format used in the external API.

·         Various bug fixes.

·         [New Feature] Google Trusted Stores Tag adds fields for badge position and locale. IDFA collection is now available for Universal Analytics on iOS. Use the “Enable Advertising Features” checkbox on the Universal Analytics tag.

·         Auto-event click tracking: Click Listeners (V1) and Click Triggers (V2) now use JavaScript event capturing when possible. This fixes certain cases of code in the page interfering with Google Tag Manager. This does not apply to link clicks. “Check validation” will default to true for Link Click and Form Submit triggers in V2.

·         Bug fix for Referrer macro for when referrer field was empty and macro was based on a component of the URL.

·         Bug fix for Debug Mode, addressing behavior for URLs ending in a hash.

21-Nov-2014 ·         Locale field in the Trusted Stores tag is now required.

·         Added API support for built-in variables.

12-Nov-2014 ·         V2: Tag, Trigger and Variable lists are now sorted by name alphabetically.

·         V2: Timer trigger event name fixed.

·         V2: User settings page added.

·         V2: Bug fix for save button on the tag page for “Some Pages” interactions.

·         API validation bug fixes.

29-Oct-2014 ·         Various bug fixes to Preview Mode, ComScore tag, Google Trusted Stores tag and the API.
15-Oct-2014 ·         [New Feature] Version 2 beta now available! Includes major revision to the user interface and new workflows. Learn more.

·         [New Feature] Launched API that allows you to control your accounts and containers programmatically. Learn More.

·         [New Feature] Container import/export is now available to all users. Learn more.

02-Oct-2014 ·         [New Feature] Google Trusted Stores is now available for users in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan.
17-Sep-2014 ·         [New Feature] Adwords Conversion Tracking: Conversions will now appear in Adwords if you have Adwords tags in Android containers. Republish your app for this to take effect.
05-Sep-2014 ·         Improvements to Debug Mode stability:
·         Nested values that had circular references now handle that gracefully by displaying the keyName.
·         Events pushed on the data layer by macros are no longer displayed in debug mode (but still work in live mode).
·         As the result of a bug fix, all macros used in Custom HTML tags and Custom JavaScript macros will now return the same value for the duration of an event. Click here for more info and how to work with the new behavior.
27-Aug-2014 ·         Fix for Debug Mode when certain JavaScript macros follow the bad practice of pushing to the dataLayer.
·         Fields to Set on Universal Analytics tags no longer requires the use of a JavaScript macro to get a boolean value.
22-Aug-2014 ·         Adwords Conversion Tracking Tag: Conversion Value is now an optional field.
·         Adwords Conversion Tracking Tag: New field for Currency Code.
·         [New Feature] Floodlight Sales Tag: Product reporting now supported.
31-Jul-2014 ·         [New Feature] Implemented Universal Analytics enhanced ecommerce support for iOS.
·         Enhanced control of dispatching for iOS.
25-Jul-2014 ·         Container Version Number Macro now available for mobile containers.
05-Jul-2014 ·         Various fixes for Debug Mode.
01-Jul-2014 ·         [New Feature] Launched improved Preview and Debug Mode.
·         [New Feature] Launched Tag Firing Priority feature.
·         Fixed issue with Mediaplex Master Client Tag (MCT) tag on SSL pages.
04-Jun-2014 ·         [New Feature] Support for new Universal Analytics “Enhanced Ecommerce” plug-in. Allows Universal Analytics tag users to track purchases, refunds, product impressions, etc with GTM. Refer to Ecommerce Tracking (Universal Analytics) for more information.
21-May-2014 ·         [New Feature] 2-Step Verification is now enabled as an administrative option for changes to JavaScript macros, custom HTML tags, and user settings.
15-May-2014 ·         Bug fix for <area> tags for auto-event tracking (will now be tracked by Link Click Listener).
·         Bug fix for Universal Analytics tag in Internet Explorer. In certain circumstances, the first pixel sent by this tag was dropped in IE.
06-May-2014 ·         New Adwords Dynamic Remarketing guide available in the Help Center.
29-Apr-2014 ·         Bug fix to the Universal Analytics tag: The legacyHistoryImport field now works correctly on “Fields to Set”.
22-Apr-2014 ·         Additional improvements to URL macros: Added ability to grab fragments or hostnames from arbitrary URLs.
15-Apr-2014 ·         Improvements to URL macros: Added ability to fetch specific parts of referring URL and the auto-event variable “Click URL”.
·         Added Display Advertising Features to the Universal Analytics tag, enabling features such as Demographics and Interest Reports, Remarketing with Google Analytics, and DCM Integration.
08-Apr-2014 ·         Universal Analytics is out of beta with all features fully launched.

·         Fixed issue in which the gtm.dom event would fire early in IE8 for large, complex pages.

·         Improved instructions for finding tracking code for Google Analytics.

 18-Mar-2014 ·         Constant string macro: Limit increased to 1024 characters.
·         Lookup table macro: Fixed UI so that when Lookup Table is selected, the header of the second column is updated to properly include the macro name.
·         Form submit listener: fix to issue when form has an input named “action”.
·         Content experiments for mobile apps: New feature adds the ability to run content experiments directly from within Google Tag Manager.
 11-Mar-2014 ·         Minor UI changes to tag/rule/macro edit pages: Removed Create Version / Publish toolbar
04-Mar-2014 ·         Auto Event History Listener: Similar to the other auto-event tracking tags (e.g. Click Listener, Form Listener), we’ve added a new tag type under “Event Listeners” called the “Browser History Listener”. Once executed, this tag will listen for changes to the page’s history. These History events typically happen when the URL fragment (hash) changes in an Ajax app, or when a site is using the HTML5 pushstate APIs. This event listener is useful for tracking virtual pageviews.
·         Fix for Javascript Error Listener tag: Error source URL macro now works properly.
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