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January Digital News

What’s Googling?

Google Maps launches new Community Feed feature Rivalling FaceBook’s news feed,  Google’s new community news feature – found in the Explore tab of the Google Maps app – is designed to help users find the latest news, recommendations and updates from local sources, making it a seriously good travel resource. Lonely Planet who? While in testing phase, Google found that business experienced double numbers in page views. Read more

Core Web Vitals update announced  Google’s impending May update will be setting new benchmarks to determine whether your pages are providing a good user experience. The latest standards will be looking at elements such as page loading time, the speed at which users interact with a page upon landing on it, and unexpected layout shifts. Is your site ready for the roll out? Read more

The social scoop


Pages get a glow up Facebook has redesigned its pages yet again, with the most notable change being that you can no longer view how many ‘likes’ a business page has,  only ‘followers’.

The networking site also introduced new features including:

➜A dedicated page news feed

➜Better page management tools

➜Actionable insights

➜Safety and integrity features

Read more



Third-Party Pixels are no longer accepted From the 21st Jan, YouTube campaigns are required to enable Ads Data Hub (ADH) linking on in order to qualify for third-party measurement. ADH is a Google measurement product that lets advertisers conduct cross-device measurement and attribution, without relying on pixels. Read more

Jumping on the hashtag train We can’t get away from them. Following in the footsteps of, well, all social platforms, YouTube has introduced hashtags to its platform. When a hashtag is searched or clicked on beneath a video, the user will be taken to a search results page filled with content marked with the same hashtag. Read more



Search comes to the gram Instagram has introduced a new keyword search option, which helps consumers AND businesses find each other without having the @ or #. You can now search for posts using the keywords your target audience might use in their captions. For brands, this takes community management and engagement to a whole new level. Read more



Joining the Swipe Hype LinkedIn has introduced a new swipe up feature, to its Stories, very similar to Instagram’s, after a successful trial last year. The new feature isn’t available to everyone (yet) only to LI Pages and individual members who have a minimum 5K connections and/or followers. Read more


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