The Team

The secret of our digital marketing success? It’s our people. They don’t just know their stuff – they know what works for others.

So when we're finding new prospects for our team, we look for more than certificates and diplomas. We want them to have the spark that’ll get our clients the best service possible. Our employees feel passionately about what they do, and we hope to share that passion and knowledge with you.

Nick Brown


Nick started his career as a Zoologist. He has over 12 years experience in Digital Marketing starting up his own E-commerce business in 2007, which grew to a turnover of £500,000 in one year. He works with leading brands advising them on SEO, CRO and Content Marketing. He was once charged at by a Mountain Gorilla

Jack Thompson

Commercial Director

Jack is the Million pound man and has helped his previous companies make millions in new business.

With a varied career (including 3 years growing ornamental Japanese trees) Jack has fulfilled Business Development roles in some of the biggest and best digital marketing agencies in the South West, and beyond.

During his career to date Jack has worked with a wide variety of businesses including FriendsLife (Aviva), Fuller’s, Nestle, Sony Playstation, Nivea, LV= and Sony Mobile, as well as consulting with early stage startups on their fund raising, technology, and business development strategies.

Nico Prins

Head of PR and Content

I work with enterprise level clients, and SaaS companies, develop and implement content marketing strategies that generate leads and increase revenue. I've had the privilege to work with and learn from experts in conversion rate optimisation, content marketing, and email marketing.

In the last few years I've helped scale a travel website to 100,000+ monthly visitors, launched a website that generated $90,000 in sales through email marketing in the first year, and got my writing featured in online publications ranging from GetResponse through to Mailshake. I've then applied many of these learnings to help clients. I'm currently the Head of Outreach and PR for Accelerate Agency.

Kieran Hawker


Kieran is our commercial lead and heads up our business development strategy and strategic partnerships. Possibly the nicest man in business, Kieran can help you find the solutions you need with Accelerate, and is brilliant at translating our complex work for people who request it.

Kieran is a foodie and can also take you on a tour of the best places to eat. He's also Accelerate's axe throwing champion!

Clifton Fathers


Understands PPC back to front, and can explain it to others – a winning combo.

Clifton is a digital marketing master and has spent years in the sector. His PPC knowledge is encyclopedic. This is why he'll be helping you if you have any problems related to Google Ads and its supplementary parts.

Some say, if you say PPC three times in the mirror, Clifton Fathers appears.

Ned Vaught


Digital PR master with an impressive beard to match.

Ned is seriously talented when it comes to PR. His expertise, derived from years of experience is so apparent that you'll never want him to leave the building. He'll be working with you on all of your PR problems and strategies. He's a true PR guru, so you're in safe hands.

Fun fact: PR was Ned Vaught's name assigned at birth.

Marcell Marafko


Technical Marketer and Aviator sunglasses model.

Marcell specialises in SEO but is also a dab hand with Google Analytics. So as well as being an all-round good guy, he's an all-round digital marketer as well. Marcell may be helping you on a number of different projects relating to all areas of marketing.

Bonus tip: Marcell's first words were: 'GTM datalayer'

Jamie Middleton


Jamie is a content whizz. He writes about Tech and Saas companies and loves networking.

Jamie knows content better than most. He will spend his time finding the perfect content strategy for you. He'll find what works and what doesn't. On top of that he will help you implement the strategy and show you how to continue doing it, even without us.

Due to significant business growth, Accelerate is on the lookout for best in marketers and consultants. Contact us for a chat 0117 3361103 or contact us this way.

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