Company Profile

Select Science works with scientists to make the future healthier by informing them about the best products and applications. They also connect manufacturers with their customers to develop, promote and sell technologies. Select Science is a leading scientific website with an incredibly large user base that has advanced scientific communication for 20 years.

The Problem

Select Science were suffering from low organic traffic. They had over 500,000 pages on their website but very few pages were ranking in the top 10 for Google in the US for keywords they were targeting.

The Solution

We perfected Select Science's technical SEO with their developers after conducting thorough and in-depth audits. On top of this, we made a comprehensive competitive intelligence report to create a superb content strategy for their off-page SEO.

The Results

27% increase in organic
traffic after 3 months

120% further rise in
organic traffic after 9 months

Select Science received a staggering 27% increase to their organic traffic after only 3 months with us. At Accelerate we take pride in consistently providing outstanding service. That's why after 9 months we were able to boost their organic traffic by a further 120%.

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