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Search Engine Optimisation

Using technical tips and best practice to get your site higher on search engines to increase the number of relevant visits to your site

SEO is all about getting your website under the noses of those people most likely to benefit from your website. You may have the best product or service in the world, but if your site doesn't show up in search engines when people are searching for a solution to a problem you can solve, they won't know about it. People joke that the best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Google search, as no one ever looks there, so if your business isn't on page one, it's unlikely you will achieve major success.

We have written a 3000 word article so you can work out the average cost of SEO in the UK..

Basically, you need to use Search Engine Optimisation to make your website easier to understand and to be indexed by search engines like Google and Bing. You also need to ensure your site is following their guidelines for what they consider is the kind of site they want to show to their search users e.g. Mobile first, fast site speed, optimised image and video, properly indexed pages, and so on. If you are doing that correctly, you'll be getting free relevant traffic to the right content on your site.

We specialise in many different fields of SEO to help you get more relevant traffic to your site and therefore more leads, by improving your visibility on search engines. These include:

If you think we can help you with your search rankings to get more sales and more money into your business, we'd love to hear from you.

SEO Audits and Reviews

A review of your existing SEO strategies to help you scope out what you need to change and potential opportunities

SEO is constantly changing, and it can be a full-time job keeping on top of it. It's a necessary one though, if you want to stay high in the search results. Regular reviews of your SEO strategy ensure it is achieving your goals, and will quickly eliminate weaknesses and identify new opportunities for you. We offer the following service to help you achieve that:

SEO reviews

We can provide a full and detailed analysis of your current SEO strategy and how well it is currently working. As part of this we will also look at how closely your website is aligned to Google's (and other search engines') best practice guidelines for how your site should behave. We will also suggest changes which will make a positive difference to your search rankings.

SEO is changing all the time, drop us a line if you want a chat about how we can help keep you ahead of the competition with regular SEO reviews.

New website SEO

Build your new site to succeed in search from the start

Are you planning on building a new website or replacing an old one? Why not let us help you get the site architecture, categorisation, tagging and indexing correct at the start, to ensure search engines can easily find you and understand what you offer?
We can show your developers the optimal structure and content to get the SEO right, right at the start. To do this we provide the following services:

Keyword research

It's important to know which keywords you need to target to find your potential audience and we can help ensure your website's structure and navigation allows each page to be fully optimised to target these keywords.

Whether it's a brand-new venture or just time for an update of your existing site, we'd love to talk to you about how to make it successfully rank on search engines from the start.

Ecommerce SEO

Getting your product pages to rank higher and convert more sales

If you are running an online store you already know there is a lot of competition out there, so you need to make sure you are investing in attracting profitable traffic to your site, and then converting that traffic into sales.
Basically, ecommerce SEO is about getting the pages of the products or services you are selling to appear on the first page of organic search results on search engines, preferably in the top three slots. You also need to ensure that you are appearing in the right searches for the right keywords, to ensure any extra traffic being generated is relevant to what you are offering.
This will generate a higher amount of free organic traffic consisting of people with an interest in what you are offering.

To help achieve this we offer the following services:

We'd love to chat to you about getting your site in front of more customers and converting them to sales using Ecommerce SEO, so if you are looking to get your online store's product pages higher on Google, get in touch.

Technical SEO

Matching your site's technical specifications to search engine requirements to boost rankings

Google's emphasis on prioritising sites that give a better experience to those using its search engine means that usually it's only fast, relevant, mobile first and well-indexed sites with relevant content that can make it to the top of the rankings.
We will do a full technical audit to ensure you are in line with Google's Webmaster Guidelines, showing you easy wins to speed up and streamline your site to make your customer's experience better, and therefore push you up the Google rankings.
We will also optimise your site's structure to ensure search engines can easily crawl, understand and index the web pages of your online business.

We'd love to chat to you about using technical SEO to get your site in front of more customers, so if you are looking to get your online store search-engine ready, get in touch.

Local SEO

Building up your online business's search engine presence in a specific location

If your target market is local to you, i.e. not worldwide but targeted at a specific area or region, we can help you target users on search engines based on their location, ensuring more relevant traffic to your site.

Search engines are increasingly applying 'personalisation' to their search results based on their users' settings and location, this means you can't rely on just a high-ranking term to bring you your relevant business. We can show you how to make sure you appear in local searches too.

To help achieve this we offer the following services:

Site optimisation for local traffic

Your site needs to represent your local profile, so we'll show you how to demonstrate that locality on your site with mentions of your address and references to local services.

Local citations

We will ensure your business is listed on as many reputable local directories as possible – the more times your business is cited, the more Google will trust your location.

Local link building

We will show you opportunities to show off what you do to relevant local services to encourage them to link to you and share your existence with their audiences.

Google My Business

We can set up or tweak your Google My Business settings to help present your business location and other information direct to searchers on Google.

Ready to build a local presence on search engines? Drop us a line and we'll show you how.

International SEO

Targeting international markets to grow your brand in new territories

If you are targeting markets for your products and services outside the UK, we can use international SEO techniques to improve your rankings in international search, and to ensure you are visible on search engines popularly used by the countries you want to access.

We can demonstrate to search engines your product or service's relevance to people searching in those areas, this is particularly important if you were previously targeting the UK only. Search engines operating in other countries are only interested in prioritising relevant search results for their users, so you need to make it as clear as possible that your products and services are relevant to the customers in the countries you want to target.

We can also advise you on how to rank on country-specific search engines like China's Baidu and Russia's Yandex.

To help achieve this we offer the following services:

We'd love to chat to you about developing and growing your worldwide markets using SEO, so if you are looking to grow internationally, please get in touch.

Mobile SEO

Optimising your online presence across mobile and tablet devices.

With so many people choosing to use their phones and tablets as their principle method of getting online, websites like Google and Bing prioritise sites that give a more positive mobile experience. If you aren't optimised for mobile, it's likely you won't be ranking highly for your website offering.
We can show you how to optimise your site for mobile, or even create a fast mobile-friendly site for you. To help achieve this we offer the following services:

Content review

Content is often device specific – what works on a laptop or PC may not be a great experience for those on mobiles or tablets. We'll go through your content and highlight which text, images, video or graphics are already working for your mobile audience, and where improvements can be made

Do you want to get your mobile and tablet presence right? We'd love to chat to you and share our expertise on creating mobile-friendly sites that rank well.

Google Penalties Hub


We can tell you if your site has been penalised by Google, identify the problem and remove it

If Google believes you have used 'Blackhat' or manipulative practices to try to increase your Google rankings, e.g. unscrupulous back-linking or over-optimisation of onsite content, you may have had a Google Penalty served against you.
These take the form of algorithmic or manual penalties to reduce your site's visibility on Google, sometime omitting it entirely.
Some famous Google algorithmic updates have been created to reduce the effect of this kind of Blackhat SEO practice, which means old SEO advice you may have received on how to rank higher may now be harming your site. Here are a few of the larger updates to Google algorithms which could cause a penalty on sites still using older, more manipulative SEO techniques to rank.

Google Panda algorithm

The Panda update released way back in February 2011 was designed to detect sites with thin or over-optimised onsite content. This was to reduce content farm websites which promised much but delivered little of value when you got to them.

If you think you may have a penalty, we'd love to chat to you about how to remove it and get you ranking again as fast as possible.


  • Deeplaxmi Adke
    Accelerate are Google Tag Manager guru's. we worked with them on a complex implementation project for over 10 months and continued to be impressed by their  skills. They provide creative solutions and are not shy about making recommendations or improvements that They believes will add value. Their expertise in Analytics and Google Tag Manager definitely make them a great resource to work with.
    Deeplaxmi Adke
    Director, Digital Analytics at National Geographic Society
  • Marcela Leon
    I wanted to thank you for all the work you did in setting ACRP up with GTM and Ecommerce tracking. Tracking has been amazing and I love seeing the data come through clean!
    Marcela Leon
    Association Of Clinical Research Professionals
  • Nail Dickson | SEO Manager
    I hired Accelerate in December 2014 to audit Marie Curie's Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager implementations. They did everything in the brief and more' in an incredibly quick time with very short notice. They also provided pro bono support after project closure. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for GTM & GA implementations.
    Nail Dickson | SEO Manager
    Marie Curie's
  •  Ben Boughton-White
    We really appreciate the work you are doing for us and the impact you have made is noticeable
    Ben Boughton-White
    Dorwest Herbs Ltd
  • Ash Ali
    Accelerate are some  of the smartest and most talented web analysts I have worked with in the industry. They have their finger on the pulse for the latest developments and is quick to highlight how they can impact your web site.  
    Ash Ali
  • Minyu Bian
    I met Accelerate via the web analytics association. As a friend and mentor,They have helped me greatly with web analytics research
    Minyu Bian
    Analytics Manager at Telefonica
  • Jamie Middleton
    Accelerate have gone out of their way to share their knowledge of how to improve our Google presence with impressive demonstrable results in a very quick time
    Jamie Middleton
  • Vinnie Morgan
    We hired Accelerate Agency in 2016 to improve our SEO. Through link building, technical SEO and onsite SEO, they helped us achieve a 140% increase in traffic and improved quality of inbound leads . Thoroughly recommended.
    Vinnie Morgan

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