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Scope of Work - one-time tasks

50% cumulative growth at the end of month 4

  1. [Done] Website Marketing Audit (SEO and Analytics) (2 days)
  2. [Done] Google webmaster optimization (3 hours)
  3. [Done] Bing Webmaster optimization (3 hours)
  4. [Done] CloudFlaire Content Delivery Networks Optimization (2-3 hours)
  5. [Done] Google and Bing Disavow (1.5 day)
  6. [Done] Google Analytics Optimization (2 days)
  7. [Done] Google Tag Manager Optimization (0.5 days)
  8. [Done] Competitive Intelligence (1 Day)

Scope of Work - ongoing

50% cumulative growth at the end of month 4

  1. [Done] Server Log Analysis, website architecture Analysis & Optimization
  2. [Done] Ongoing Competitive Intelligence and Back engineering of competitor websites
  3. [Done] International SEO development and optimization
  4. [Done] Ongoing Keyword Analysis and Keyword Conversion Optimization
  5. [Doing] Google Guidelines Outreach (white hat link building) content creation done in-house
  6. [Done] Ongoing In-house Training - one person site visit one day per month or two people for half a day Content Assessment and Content Strategy advice.
  7. Video and Image Optimization
  8. Google Adwords Optimization and Analysis including page and advert split testing.
  9. Conversion Rate Optimization - Split testing landing pages and triggers (adwords will be needed for this)



Scope of Work - one-time tasks

+21% increase in Yr vs Yr organic sessions (+8435 sessions)
+3% increase in PDF sessions (+729 sessions)
+27% expected increase from AMP sessions (based on Publishing sector data)



  1. Google Webmaster Tools Configured & robots.txt updated
  2. Google Tag Manager enabled
  3. RSS news feed added
  4. Review mark-up fixed & Product mark-up added
  5. Speed improved by enabling Cloudflair CDN


  1. Provide est. GA goalValue for top 6 goals (e.g. £1, £10, £25, etc) (Completed by Luke on 18 Jan)
  2. Watch video on GTM fundamentals (3-4hours of interactive video)(Completed by Luke on 24 Feb)
  3. Populate "/go/" url lookup table for GA event category, action, label etc (Completed by Luke on 27 Feb)
  4. Ask why Review Competitions (e.g. Free iPad) have stopped on 15th Feb? (Completed by Luke on 28 Feb)
  5. Provide access to Crazy Egg (Completed by Luke on 2 Feb)
  6. Provide sponsor login (need so I can use the sponsor cookie for segmentation in GA & remarketing in GA) (Completed by Luke on 17 Jan)


  1. Redirect >> (Completed by Richardert on 10 Apr)
  2. Allow GoogleBot to access RSS feed for News content to fix "recent content indexing issue" 19 comments (Completed by Richardert on 17 Mar)
  3. Broken Category page (Completed by Richardert on 22 Feb)
  4. /editorial-articles/ missing in News sitemap (also &compname= can be removed in "loc" field) (Completed by Richardert on 22 Feb)
  5. Review Spike in JS errors on "write review" page since Thursday (Completed by Richardert on 30 Jan)
  6. JS libraries not loading on this page (Completed by Richardert on 27 Jan)
  7. Speed: Add
  8. Speed: Standardise to one ShareButton: Pick AddThis or ShareThis but not BOTH! (Completed by Richardert on 27 Jan)
  9. Remove trailing ">" in Titles on Application Article and Application Note pages (Completed by Richardert on 26 Jan)
  10. [ignore solved by pending Richardot.txt update] Ask about a small number of blocked image resources(Completed by Richardert on 26 Jan)
  11. Add meta canonical to this 1 page (Completed by Richardert on 25 Jan)
  12. Remove redundant code from Global footer and Global header (Completed by Richardert on 25 Jan)
  13. On product pages - remove link to User page (so we upload robots.txt de-index) (Completed by Richardert on 25 Jan)
  14. Speed: Move CrazyEgg & CANDDi cookie popup into GTM (Completed by Richardert on 24 Jan)
  15. Replace GA code with GTM code in global header on these 3 folders (Completed by Richardert on 19 Jan)
  16. Move HotJar into GTM (helps with speed) (Completed by Richardert on 19 Jan)
  17. Edit 2 lines of code on global header (aka GA classic seamless migration) (Completed by Richardert on 17 Jan)
  1. Add GTM code to global header (Completed by Richardert on 15 Dec)
  2. Ask Richard why have these 34 product pages been de-indexed(Completed by Richardert on 22 Dec)
  3. Fix broken link to new scientist on homepage(Completed by Richardert on 10 Jan)
  4. Add backlink on Youtube page (Completed by Richardert on 10 Jan)
  5. Ask Richard to fix inline Product page review markup (Completed by Richardert on 9 Jan)
  6. Review sheet of URL params - confirm which ones cause the content to change (e.g. prodID) (Completed by Richardert on 4 Jan)
  7. Add Brand logo in GoogleyBusiness (Completed by Richardert on 22 Feb)
  8. Ask Richard to register on GoogleMyBusiness via SMS code or Auto-phone Call and grant us access. (Completed by Richardert on 5 Jan)
  9. Re-upload robots.txt file (Completed by Richardert on 24 Jan)
  10. Ask Richard to add line to robots.tx to Allow: /go/*&url=* (Completed by Richardert on 24 Jan)
  11. Provide BingWT access (if available) (Completed by Richardert on 15 Dec)
  12. Provide GWT access (Completed by Richardert on 15 Dec)
  13. Provide GA access (Completed by Richardert on 15 Dec)
  14. Login to GWT and create 5 profiles. Then Login 123reg and add a verify CNAME text for... clientdomain.DE + clientdomain.CO.UK + clientdomain.COM + clientdomain.TV + (Completed by Richardert on 4 Jan)
  15. Provide access to Bing Webmaster tools (Completed by Richardert on 22 Dec)
  16. VERIFY httpS in GWT and add Phil & Nick. So we can create a Rollup profile set(Completed by Richardert on 22 Dec


  1. Plan Agenda for Call
  2. Report on SEO progress report after month1
  3. Produce SEO technical audit
  4. Investigate SS and competitors Content & Keyword Strategy · Nick · Tue, Apr 4
  5. Setup Benchmarks & Dashboards(Completed by Phil on 9 Jan)
  6. Provide Example Dashboards (Completed by Phil on 9 Jan)
  7. Add GTM tracking to "RequestPrice" and "InstantPrice" on DEV, so that... 1st/3rd party Cookie can be dropped for manufacturer conversion tracking(Completed by Phil on 27 Feb)
  8. Create $20 CloudFlare and Richardert to update DNS to point to CloudFlare 19 comments(Completed by Richardert on 2 Feb)
  9. Copy GA goals & Filter so they can be copied to master profile (Completed by Phil on 19 Jan)
  10. Copy Exclude params and filters from GA test profile to Master profile(Completed by Phil on 19 Jan)
  11. Enable BounceRate and AvgSessionDuration StepChange on 1st Feb via GTM (e.g. 30sec HeartBeat enabled) (Completed by Phil on 1 Mar)
  1. GA/GTM pageview migration - requires inline code changes (Completed by Phil on 19 Jan)
  2. Phil to provide utm_id for unit test to check output of Macro Goal Funnel testing (Completed by Phil on 21 Dec)
  3. Update CloudFlare settings to speedup Chrome images (Completed by Nick on 10 Apr)
  4. Update GWT settings (params, sitemaps, data highlighter, crawl speed, sitelinks)(Completed by Phil on 9 Jan)
  5. Add product markup via GTM (Completed by Phil on 9 Jan)
  6. Add JSONLD markup for Brand logo and SiteSearch via GTM (Completed by Phil on 9 Jan)
  7. Breadcrumbs via GTM - add via 6 tags with conditional nesting (Completed by Phil on 9 Jan)
  8. Fix DataHighligher in GWT to work on all News pages not just one page (Completed by Phil on 9 Jan)
  9. Run a 250 page scan for British English vs American English content(Completed by Phil on 9 Jan)
  10. Provide NDA (Completed by Phil on 25 Nov)
  11. Mention "free" Brighton SEO conference on 7th March(Completed by Phil on 10 Apr)





  1. Add Sitemaps and RSS feeds.
  2. Add Exclude query parameters
  3. Enable Data Highlighter or inject JSONLD
  4. Add Social entities (Bing WT setting)
  5. Mark Error 404 as fixed & re-crawl
  6. Upload Disavow backlinks file (Google & Bing)
  7. Add GoogleNews section categories per folder
  8. Refresh robots.txt cache
  9. Created a GWT rollup property set



  1. From 9,799 in Dec 10,797 in Apr (+10.2%) more pages indexed on Google
  2. Percentage URL submitted-to-ignored has improved from 93% to 85%

Review + Product Mark-up improve

Data TypeSourceItems
ProductMarkup: schema.org1950
AggregateRatingMarkup: schema.org1704
VideoObjectMarkup: schema.org1491
ArticleData Highlighter: Articles - Product News1410
ArticleData Highlighter: Articles - Product News330
BreadcrumbListMarkup: schema.org8274
WebsiteMarkup: schema.org12288
OrganizationMarkup: schema.org1

Safer: PII are now hidden in GA...

  • newMember
  • email
  • signUpEmail
  • mailID
  • spMailingID
  • spUserID

GA/GTM safer

  • Adding PII protection
  • 404 error tracking alerts
  • Secure logins enabled
  • Version control


Known or Remaining issues…

  1. IIS (or RSS) to AMP site (solution provided)
  2. Video Transcripts (solution provided)
  3. PDF 1 page snapshots (solution provided)
  4. Image compression (1mb thumbnail images!)
  5. Removing Mega Menu (400 links >> 100 links)
  6. Faster client task turn around
    - Ability to edit Title & Meta in CMS waiting 4weeks+
    - Inline JSON mark-up for "http" domain change - waiting for 2weeks+

Site Speed - still excessively slow!




  1. IIS 7.5 does not support CloudFlare super-fast option
  2. Assumption that Title & Meta could be change easily
  3. Phil on holiday at same time was Nick unwell
  4. Richard away for 2 weeks with limited DEV cover
  5. Internet Connectivity issues when using GoToMeeting at clients office
  6. First time client has worked with an agency?


  • Less time used on client meetings.
  • More focused on completing tasks.


Future Tasks Priority determine by:




Remaining Task for Agency in Basecamp

Remaining Task for Inhouse Developers in Basecamp

  • Update IIS rewrite to 301 permanent redirect non-SEO friendly URLs
  • Fix GoogleBot warning about Malformed URL issue: Remove "(" and ")" in URLs (entered as titles in the CMS) to resolve 404 errors skike
  • Improve mobile organic traffic by running adding 500page News & article Test
  • Added 1 page of text from PDF from top 100 PDF downloads on application notes
  • Force login pages to SSL to remove chome warning and improve registration conversion rate registration conversion rate
  • Add "Social login" to make sign-in/register easier for Linkedin, FB and Google/gmail
  • Cleanup code base - remove all unecessary gaq.push events
  • Add ability to edit Titles & Meta Description in CMS
  • Updated robots.txt with Disallow: /*&tag=*
  • Fix missing "http://" in inline Review markup via inline markup (not via GTM)
  • On Product page change ProductName from to Richardert
  • Bulk images Compress (e.g. JPEG micro offline tool)
  • Reduce 400 links on Homepage to 100 (i.e remove mega menu). See mobile example
  • GoogleNews access denied error - Allow GoogleBot access to PDF pages and then fill in 1click free form Phil


20% time Moon-shots

  1. A/B testing
  2. Faceted search on Antibodies
  3. Radically different Navigation
  4. Personalisation
  5. Control SERPs: 2 Domain for similar content by different answers (query deservers diversity)
  6. Real-Time content dashboard
  7. English to German bulk translation


Brighton Slides


Google Fonts tips

GoogleBot Crawl Tips

Injecting JS Pre-fetch

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