Our free SEO tools Suite will give you 17 tools to use completely free to tackle 4 Key digital marketing aspects.

Site Audit


Use the tools within the site audit suite to ensure that your on-site SEO is second-to-none. The tools offered here will help you find keywords to target, optimise your internal links, locate and help fix technical issues effecting your SEO and will even generate sitemaps for you.

Link Building


The tools offered in the link builing suite will focus on your off-site SEO. Link building is an essential SEO strategy. The tools here will allow you to check the quality of your backlinks, spy on your competitors backlinks and submit your content instantly to 100 major search engines.

Social Analytics


With our social analytics tools you will find out when people are talking about your business online so that you can join in the discussion. These tools will also allow you to measure which pages of your site are the most engaging and will allow you to directly monitor your Facebook Insights.

Marketing Analytics


Measuring your marketing channels is very important. Our tools will allow you to do exactly that. Track where you and your competitors rank, know which channels bring you visitors that convert, link your Google Search Console for a seamless experience and finally, get an insight on your competitors traffic, backlinks and social popularity!

Mastering Your SEO Has Never Been Easier With These Tools

keyword Research

Get a smart list of relevant keywords to optimize your site for. The Keyword Research tool will suggest the most effective keywords that may bring visitors to your site. You can also see keywords your competitors seem to be optimized for and the keywords that already work for you.

Internal Links Optimisation

Know how search engines understand your site theme. Search engines will read your internal link structure in two ways. They use internal link texts to understand what a site is about, and they see what pages have the most links pointing to them, which helps them decide what the most important pages of a site are.

Technical Audit

Make sure you fix broken links before your site visitors strike them. The Technical Audit tool keeps a sharp look at any crawlability issue that may wreck the usability of your site. By the way, search engines love crawlable links too.

SEO Analysis

Exploit opportunities to rank higher and get more targeted traffic. With the SEO Analysis reports, you will get advice on how to fix all found SEO issues and be sure that your site is mobile-friendly. You can quickly improve your site's position on the search engine results pages.

Sitemap Generation

Get your site indexed quickly. Create and submit an XML sitemap for your site in two clicks. In the Sitemap Generation report you will see when Google, Bing and Yahoo! bots last visited your site.

Backlink Quality Check

Get a detailed backlink profile to help you outline an effective Google Penguin-friendly link building strategy. You'll see what websites link to it, what anchors they use, how authoritative they are and discover potentially damaging links in the Toxic link report.

Competitor Backlink Spy

Find quality websites for effective outreach. Pages that link to your competitors, sorted by their authority in the search engines, may be a great source of links for you. We do all the work for you so that you can find the best link opportunities at the top of the list. Visit these pages and get mentioned where your competitors are. Remember that pages with the highest Domain Trust Flow will improve your SEO.

Chosen Links watch

Be sure that your most important backlinks are intact. We will check if they are crawlable by search engines and monitor what link text is used.

Content Submission

Be found by your local customers on the sites they use: submit your website to the best hand-picked local sites and directories. Promote your blog in blog search engines and RSS feed directories. Publish you content to photo & video sharing sites, infographic communities and bookmarking websites.

Web Buzz Monitoring

Know when someone is talking about your business or industry in a blog, news or on Twitter. You can then step into the discussion and get new relevant links and targeted traffic to your site. Use the Web Buzz Monitoring tool to grow your own authority in the industry.

Social Engagment

Find what pages of your site get the most attention in Facebook and Pinterest. Compare your social media popularity to those of your competitors. Here you will also learn how much traffic social networks bring you.

Facebook Insights

Support your social media marketing with reliable data. Here you'll find what topics are popular among your audience so you can publish posts that will attract attention and help you build loyal customers.

Rank Tracking

Track yours and your competitors' rankings on any local or global search engine. Here you'll get a high-level breakdown of the ranking data for the chosen period and compare it to any period. You can also track rankings in Google Ads, Places, Images, Videos and News.

Web Analytics

How do you measure your SEO success? Growing targeted traffic that converts into clients is a good measure. From the Web Analytics reports you will know what channels bring you visitors, analyze their efficiency and get insights on your competitors' traffic.

Google Search Console

Connect Google Search Console with your SEO tools to get the most from both. Reports from Google Search Console will help you find the most effective keywords to optimize your site's pages for. You will also know which of your pages to concentrate on to best increase your traffic and conversions.

Google My Business (Beta)

Connect your Google MyBusiness profile to check on the health and performance of your business profile. Get insights into searches for your business and views of your MyBusiness profile. Also see reviews given on your profile and directly reply through our tool. Finally, get spying on your local competitor's profiles too!

Competitor Metrics

All you need for benchmarking in one place! Here you will get insights on competitor traffic, rankings, backlinks and social popularity. Investigate your competitors' metrics to find the weak points you can attack to outrank them.
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