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Conferences We’ve Spoken At

  • MeasureCamp 4 [London]: Analytics Crystal Maze (Voted the Funniest Presentation of the event) & GTM lumber jacking
  • MeasureCamp 3 [London]: Blackhat Analyics v2 (Voted the Best Presentation of the event)
  • SuperWeek 2 [Budapest]: Blackhat Analyics v2 & PPC growth Hacking
  • Google Partners event [London]: PPC for Mobile tips
  • MarketingFestival [Prague]: Blackhat Analytics v2
  • MeasureCamp 2 [London]: Blackhat Analyics v1
  • SuperWeek [Budapest]: Blackhat Analyics v1 & PPC algo reverse engineered
  • MeasureCamp 1 [London]: PPC algorithm
  • Google Top Contributors summit [San Fan]: How to install GTM
  • GA summit [Boston]: Effect of Cookie law on US businesses & Informal: Recipe for a Cookie law


  • Vinnie Morgan
    We hired Accelerate Agency in 2016 to improve our SEO. Through link building, technical SEO and onsite SEO, they helped us achieve a 140% increase in traffic and improved quality of inbound leads . Thoroughly recommended.
    Vinnie Morgan
  • Minyu Bian
    I met Accelerate via the web analytics association. As a friend and mentor,They have helped me greatly with web analytics research
    Minyu Bian
    Analytics Manager at Telefonica
  • Ash Ali
    Accelerate are some  of the smartest and most talented web analysts I have worked with in the industry. They have their finger on the pulse for the latest developments and is quick to highlight how they can impact your web site.  
    Ash Ali
  •  Ben Boughton-White
    We really appreciate the work you are doing for us and the impact you have made is noticeable
    Ben Boughton-White
    Dorwest Herbs Ltd
  • Nail Dickson | SEO Manager
    I hired Accelerate in December 2014 to audit Marie Curie's Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager implementations. They did everything in the brief and more' in an incredibly quick time with very short notice. They also provided pro bono support after project closure. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for GTM & GA implementations.
    Nail Dickson | SEO Manager
    Marie Curie's
  • Marcela Leon
    I wanted to thank you for all the work you did in setting ACRP up with GTM and Ecommerce tracking. Tracking has been amazing and I love seeing the data come through clean!
    Marcela Leon
    Association Of Clinical Research Professionals
  • Deeplaxmi Adke
    Accelerate are Google Tag Manager guru's. we worked with them on a complex implementation project for over 10 months and continued to be impressed by their  skills. They provide creative solutions and are not shy about making recommendations or improvements that They believes will add value. Their expertise in Analytics and Google Tag Manager definitely make them a great resource to work with.
    Deeplaxmi Adke
    Director, Digital Analytics at National Geographic Society
  • Jamie Middleton
    Accelerate have gone out of their way to share their knowledge of how to improve our Google presence with impressive demonstrable results in a very quick time
    Jamie Middleton

Top Web Analytics Projects

  • Currently building “4clicks” SaaS for Magneto, which auto-enables KPIs, dataLayer, Dashboards and Remarketing
  • Build PPC reporting platform on MS access
  • Enabled KW level ROI bidding in 2007
  • Managed £600K pm Adwords account & out-performed the market leader
  • Built an end-to-end affiliate tracking system
  • Reverse engineered the Google Adwords Algorithm
  • Built a mathematical ClickFraud detection tool for mobile
  • Built a free version of SpeedPPC

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