Brands we’ve worked with:

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Agencies I’ve worked with:

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Conferences I’ve spoken at:

SW founders: Designing for Conversion
Bath university: A study of data about you
eMertics [Berlin]: Blackhat Analyics 3
MeasureCamp 6 [London]: How a dataLayer can help your SEO
GA summit [Boston]: Effect of Cookie law on US businesses
SuperWeek 2 [Budapest]: PPC growth Hacking
Analytics Summit [Hamburg]: How a dataLayer can help your SEO
eMertics [Berlin]: Blackhat Analyics 2
Analytics Think Tank [London]: How a dataLayer can help your SEO
DigitalAnalyticsHub [Berlin]: Lean Analytics for Startups
MeasureCamp 5 [London]: GTM flash Tips & GTM automation for WordPress, Magento and Drupal (with video)
MeasureCamp 4 [London]: Analytics Crystal Maze (Voted the Funniest Presentation of the event) & GTM lumber jacking
MeasureCamp 3 [London]: Blackhat Analyics v2 (Voted the Best Presentation of the event)
SuperWeek 2 [Budapest]: Blackhat Analyics v2 & PPC growth Hacking
Google Partners event [London]: PPC for Mobile tips
MarketingFestival [Prague]: Blackhat Analytics v2
MeasureCamp 2 [London]: Blackhat Analyics v1
SuperWeek [Budapest]: Blackhat Analyics v1 & PPC algo reverse engineered
MeasureCamp 1 [London]: PPC algorithm
Google Top Contributors summit [San Fan]: How to install GTM
GA summit [Boston]: Effect of Cookie law on US businesses & Informal: Recipe for a Cookie law

Testimonials – coming soon!

Top Web Analytics Projects

  • Currently building “4clicks” SaaS for Magneto, which auto-enables KPIs, dataLayer, Dashboards and Remarketing
  • Build PPC reporting platform on MS access
  • Enabled KW level ROI bidding in 2007
  • Managed £600K pm Adwords account & out-performed the market leader
  • Built an end-to-end affiliate tracking system
  • Reverse engineered the Google Adwords Algorithm
  • Built a mathematical ClickFraud detection tool for mobile
  • Built a free version of SpeedPPC
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